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Clase de ciencias para preescolares

Elevate education with our Montessori and holistic training, benefiting educators in early childhood settings and committed parents. Our specialized program equips teachers and caregivers with effective tools, while also assisting homeschooling parents in creating Montessori-inspired learning spaces at home. These spaces feature distinct areas for practical life, sensory activities, language, math, cultural studies, and the arts. Our training also encompasses Waldorf principles, child psychology, and mindfulness techniques, fostering a comprehensive approach to child development

Our interactive approach, including role-playing, storytelling, and creative arts, cultivates emotional intelligence, empathy, and effective self-regulation in children and their caregivers.

Rooted in Montessori philosophy, our training hones in on seven essential spaces designed to optimize child development. These spaces encompass practical life skills, sensorial experiences, language acquisition, mathematics, cultural appreciation, scientific exploration, and creative arts. Each space is meticulously crafted to nurture independence, sensory exploration, language development, numeracy proficiency, cultural understanding, scientific curiosity, and creative expression.

Mindfulness and meditation sessions equip children with attention, self-awareness, and relaxation techniques.

Nature-based learning takes center stage, incorporating outdoor excursions, nature walks, and gardening to foster a deep bond with the natural world.

Cultural awareness is an integral part of our training, fostering understanding of diverse traditions and cultures through music, art, and storytelling.

Collaborative play and problem-solving activities foster communication, sharing, and creativity, promoting crucial life skills for both educators and homeschooling parents.

Tina from Early Years Development leads specialized workshops for Early Years Professionals, covering topics like challenging behavior understanding, safeguarding awareness, play-based learning, supporting children with additional needs, creating effective activity plans, and fostering baby development. Gain insights and strategies to enhance holistic education and nurture children's growth.

En el bosque

Full Montessori & Holistic Training for Teachers (4 Months)

Package Highlights:

  • Immersive 4-month program integrating Montessori and holistic principles

  • Engage in specialized workshops led by Tina, held every 15 days

  • Deepen your expertise in key early childhood education domains

  • Weekly 2-hour Zoom sessions complemented by comprehensive materials

  • Personalized guidance and support to facilitate effective implementation

  • Empower your teaching approach for nurturing, holistic learning environments

  • Access devolution resources for continuous improvement.​

Niña Feliz

Accelerated Montessori & Holistic training for teachers.

Accelerated Montessori & Holistic Training for Teachers (2 Months)

Package Highlights:

  • Intensive 2-month program infused with Montessori and holistic methodologies

  • Participate in focused workshops with Tina, occurring every 15 days

  • Deepen your proficiency in critical early childhood education domains

  • Weekly 2-hour Zoom sessions, bolstered by comprehensive learning materials

  • Receive personalized guidance for effective implementation

  • Cultivate a teaching approach that fosters holistic, nurturing learning environments

  • Access devolution resources for continuous growth​

Un niño y un bebé

Introducing the Montessori Nannies Comprehensive Home Transformation Package:

Montessori Home Transformation Experience: Elevate Your Child's Learning Journey

Unlock the full potential of Montessori education with our all-inclusive package designed to transform your home into a nurturing Montessori-inspired haven. Our experts guide you through every step, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for your child's holistic development.

Package Highlights:

  • In-Home Montessori Setup by a Professional: Our experienced Montessori teacher visits your home to create a tailor-made Montessori environment, encompassing furniture arrangement, materials selection, and layout optimization.

  • Customized Montessori Design Plan: Receive a personalized design blueprint, curated to cater to your child's age and developmental needs.

  • Ongoing Online Holistic and Montessori Guidance: Engage in weekly online sessions for one month with our experts, offering holistic support activities and Montessori insights for both nannies and parents.

  • Comprehensive Training: Online material for nannies and parents, enhancing their proficiency in facilitating Montessori principles and holistic practices.

Enhance Your Child's Learning Environment:

This premium package seamlessly blends personalized in-home Montessori setup with ongoing holistic and Montessori support, ensuring your child benefits from an enriching, comprehensive educational experience. Embrace a learning journey that fosters independence, concentration, and holistic growth right in the heart of your home.

Montessori Homeschooling for families.

Un niño y un bebé
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