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Montessori nannies celebrate each child's unique talents, offering personalized activities to nurture individual needs and create a joy-filled environment for growth and learning..

My history

I'm Elisabet Fabregas, the heartbeat behind the idea of Montessori Nannies. As a dual French and Spanish citizen deeply devoted to early childhood education, I've crafted a concept that redefines how families approach childcare.

With a degree as a official Kidergardenteacher and Master's degrees in Montessori education and Holistic education, I bring over a decade of experience as an educator and nanny. My journey has woven through iconic locations such as Chamonix, Megève, and Ibiza, leaving lasting impressions at institutions like MORNA and Six senses Hotels.

I go beyond conventional babysitting. I am also specialize in transforming upscale homes into nurturing Montessori environments, creating an enriching experience for your little ones. My commitment extends globally through comprehensive training, thanks to my collaboration with Early Years Development International.

We, as self-employed individuals, specialize in curating tailored connections—matching the unique desires of discerning families with exceptional nannies. Experience childcare reimagined with us.

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