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Service Description

We offer childcare services rooted in Montessori education and Waldorf pedagogy. The caregivers are trained in these methods, fostering hands-on learning and individualized instruction. They support educational development by providing additional lessons and language acquisition. They follow Maria Montessori's philosophy, nurturing self-esteem and personal responsibility. The goal is to help children fulfill their potential in a values-driven, holistic environment.

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Service Description

We cater to families with children aged five to adolescents, offering a diverse range of outdoor activities. Our tours feature engaging experiences like kayaking, exploring vertical forests, visiting permaculture and bio-construction farms, embarking on cultural hikes around Ibiza town, and discovering the island's flora, fauna, and historic castles.

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Luxury Villa Adventures for Kids

Service Description

Immerse yourself in the joy of Bounce Castles, Farm Adventures, Arts & Crafts, and a diverse range of entertainment, thoughtfully curated for both indoor and outdoor enjoyment. In collaboration with Fairytales Ibiza, a prestigious entertainment company, I extend an invitation to explore the magic. Delve into the intricacies with our detailed PDF and craft enduring memories on the captivating island of Ibiza."

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Service Description



It's important to note that Maria Montessori initially designed her educational method with a focus on children with special needs. It was only later that she expanded and adapted her philosophy and educational approach to benefit the broader population. This historical context underscores my commitment to providing specialized care for children with unique needs, rooted in the principles of Maria Montessori's pioneering work.

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Service Description

MN offers Nannies/Mannies services tailored to your specific requirements, along with the option of private tennis and swimming lessons.

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Service Description

My goal is to provide top-quality care services for your children, and to achieve this, we have assembled a group of nannies and mannies. They will engage your children in art activities and creative projects using recycled materials to enhance their experience

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