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Cuidando a los niños

International Montessori Nannies 

Self-Employed Agents Matching Holistic and Montessori Nannies to Your Unique Needs in Ibiza & French Alps.


I'm Elisabet Fabregas, the heartbeat behind Montessori Nannies. As a dual French and Spanish citizen deeply devoted to early childhood education, I've crafted a concept that redefines how families approach childcare.

With a degree from the University of Barcelona and Master's degrees in Montessori education and Holistic education, I bring over a decade of experience as an educator and nanny. My journey has woven through iconic locations such as Chamonix, Megève, and Ibiza, leaving lasting impressions at institutions like MORNA and Six senses Hotels.

Montessori Nannies goes beyond conventional babysitting. We specialize in transforming upscale homes into nurturing Montessori environments, creating an enriching experience for your little ones. Our commitment extends globally through comprehensive training, thanks to our collaboration with Early Years Development International.

Proudly partnered with luxury hotels and concierge agencies in Ibiza and the French Alps, Montessori Nannies sets new standards for childcare excellence. This ensures a seamless and premium experience for families seeking the best for their children.

Montessori Nannies is a personal endeavor. We, as self-employed individuals, specialize in curating tailored connections—matching the unique desires of discerning families with exceptional nannies. Experience childcare reimagined with us.


Meet Cristina


As a self-employed professional, she manages with Elisabet all childcare services at the Six Senses hotel.


Cristina, a graduate of the International Montessori Institute in Barcelona and a certified Gestalt therapist, brings extensive experience in coordinating childcare services in top hotels and working with high-profile families in Ibiza. Passionate about the arts, she customizes creative activities for each family.


After global exploration, Cristina settled in Ibiza, dedicating herself to childhood development as a Gestalt therapist. Operating as a self-employed agent, she adeptly aligns family needs with skilled nannies, firmly believing in the transformative impact of Montessori education to unlock human potential and foster complete fulfillment.


Our values

 Montessori Nannies was born driven by the desire to respectfully accompany and nurture the rhythm and needs of each child.  Our nannies and mannies are multilingual and highly qualified to create playful and creative experiences appropriate to their own interests.

Montessori & Holistic training

Elevate education with our Montessori & holistic training. Specialized techniques, homeschooling aid, and diverse learning spaces nurture well-rounded development. Join for enriched teaching and parenting.

Babysitting Services

Our childcare model blends Montessori, Waldorf, and Holistic Education, led by experienced teachers. Rooted in Maria Montessori's philosophy, we prioritize nurturing each child's inner teacher, fostering self-esteem, responsibility, and balanced development. Our dedicated Nannies guide without unnecessary intervention, empowering children to fulfill their unique potentials.

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